What to do with your spare van seats?

Most of the people that decide to convert their van into a tiny mobile are ready to press “pause” on their sedentary life to live on the road. They sell their houses and personal stuff or rent a garage where to deposit their assets.

Despite feeling 100% empathic with those gipsy travelers, we can’t completely identify ourselves in that picture. We are a sort of hybrids: the van gives us the wings of our freedom, while the house contains the roots of our security.

The best example of our ambivalence is placed in the patio of our house.

The first duty of WiBi was to transport up to 12 people. So, the first thing we did was to unscrew the last two rows of sits to be able to take measurements and start to plan the future interior composition.

But what to do with those bulky car-couches? Sell them? Find them a plastic cover and place them in a hidden corner of our back garden?


Any solution felt the right one.

The idea came entering our empty patio. We were talking about buying some garden furniture since a while so…why don’t convert WiBi’s seats exactly in what we needed?

We gave them a second life simply building a personalized diy woody frames.

After the experience gained with the construction of Gioele’s bed, Marco realized the work in few hours.

The step that took longer was the measurement phase. It had to be quite precise to allow us to have a light and removable frame.

In total, he used 9 pieces of 3 m long woods, cut with a manual saw.

To protect the wood, we put a 100% acrylic bio paint for external/internal use, while to make them look prettier we will cover the seats with a nice colored tissue.

I can’t avoid to say that we are quite impressed about the final result!


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