Field work 2017. Day 1


Last Thursday was the first field day of the year.

Marco has more than one issue with the case of his hydrophone. Despite the quite promising beginning, water started to enter the instrument after some modifications. The problem seems to be related to the nut that closes the tool: it doesn’t hold pressure.

After adding a wine cork to one of the two sides, Marco launched the case for 15 minutes in an area deep more than 10m. Once recollected, the instrument seemed OK, without visible signs of opening. Unfortunately, a deeper analysis revealed something different: the control paper placed inside the core part released purple color. It means, that water entered exactly where the hydrophone will be positioned.

After several trials, Marco and his supervisor will most probably go for another case. Time is running out and the necessity of starting to collect data is pressing.

The same is true for Michelle, whom is waiting for a free lab station to analyze the fatty acids contained in gray whales’ blubber samples collected some years ago. The importance of this step relies on the possibility to use the outcoming results as control data for any further experiment.

In the meanwhile, Michelle decided to join Marco and the other researchers to test the quality of videos captured by the GoPro in different water conditions. Part of her work will be to shoot the underwater behavior of gray whales in their nursing areas. In those locations, water is extremely turbid due to the bottom composition. For this reason, it is important to know how much confidence the GoPro can give.

If you click the link here you will be directed to a short film of the field day.

You will see other researchers from CIBNOR occupied in collecting different kind of samples. Specifically, María de los Angeles was collecting zooplankton, Raul measuring physical parameters and Marco testing his case.

On the way back, we encountered a sea lion and 9 dolphins inside the Ensenada. Unfortunately, the water was too turbid to shoot properly, so no image in the film. If you are anyway interested in the position of the sighting, you can check at our opportunistic sightings page.


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