Students opportunities

In January 2018 the first 2 students of “twoMproject” arrived. Let’s meet them!

Eugenio Diodato – master student


Eugenio comes from Italy and he was the very first that asked for a collaboration between his University in Padua and our working group.

He describes himself as “sea and whale lover since childhood”. He is “open to any project that is directed to the safety and the health of our oceans”.

With twoMproject he is going to work in the field side by side with both Michelle and Marco, although his major focus concerns the gray whale. Some of the biopsies collected by Michelle during the upcoming winter season will be analyzed by Eugenio, to investigate some specific enzymatic properties.

Elisa Lo Giudice – master student

As Eugenio, Elisa is a master student of the marine biology program of the University of Padua, Italy.

She “dreams to deeply understand the most unknown sea world, to be able to show people how to protect and to conserve our oceans”.

She came to Baja California to gain field work experience and to investigate if the long migration performed every year by the gray whale could determine a physiological stress reaction in these organisms. She will study this feature in one of the most important tissues for all marine mammals, the blubber.


Eugenio and Elisa will analyze the same tissue samples, but with different aims. It is fundamental, in fact, to obtain the most information from every single sampled animal. Despite their undiscussed utility, biopsies are an invasive technique. TwoMproject acts to conserve and protect animals, trying to minimize the stress caused by the application of this methodology.